Welcome Parents

Visit back now and again to keep in touch with what’s new at school, yummy and healthy treats for the lunchbox, upcoming events, and other tidbits to help build our partnership with you, the parents, and to reinforce a consistent early learning experience – home and away.

Please feel free to call us at any point to check on your child!!
If you would like to teleconference with your child’s teacher or Director, please make an appointment in advance.

You can reach Shelley German, our Senior Director, after school hours by calling 603-635-1710 or email any time at

Stay Updated on What’s Happening

Visit our Schools Facebook page

We post about:

  • Upcoming events
  • Special happenings
  • Silly anecdotes
  • & photos

We welcome photo-submissions from any of our special days.

Get Real-Time Updates of your Child’s Day

  • Real-time feed of activities and snapshots delivered to your phone throughout the day
  • Stay in touch with your child’s teacher
  • Add approved adults to pick up your child, and see when your child is checked in or out
  • Receive paperless invoices and email receipts

Friendly Reminders

As a community of little learners, we all feel the effects of each other’s behaviors and mannerisms. Our rules help us to feel safe and secure at school. We each play a part in maintaining a happy environment for all of our friends; big and little.

Learn Them All

Songs We Love

Our circle discussions, music and enrichment activities are designed around weekly themes. Each morning, at Family Reunion, we sing two or three songs that follow the theme of that week. Now you can sing along at home, too!!

Listen Here

Download The Right Form When You Need It

These are available to download here, we do ask that you fill them out and submit them online!!
All of these forms are also available in hard-copy format at the school, as Plan B.

Child Care Registration Form

This form is required for each child enrolling in our preschool. It must be renewed annually along with one of the Fall Registration Forms below. Although your information may stay the same year to year, we discard old forms, so please fill it out completely.

Complete Form

Calling Card Form

This form is required for each child enrolling in our preschool. It must be renewed annually. Please be sure to enter two primary contacts with very clear phone numbers, as well as two alternates in the event you cannot be reached in an emergency.

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Pay Online

Payments are due on Friday in advance; for the next calendar week. Full tuition payment is due regardless of illness, family vacations, or days during which the school is closed due to observed holidays, extreme weather, or unforeseen emergencies.
For questions or concerns about your due payment, please email