Friendly Reminders

Our Rules in Rhyme Help Keep Us Happy All the Time

You will hear these chants in the car on the way home, or when the precise moment arises. Feel free to use these “friendly reminders” at home!!

Walk, don’t run!! You might hurt someone!!

When you hit, you need to think about it!!

Please don’t let the water run, turn it off when you’re done!!

Clean your spot, we’ll like it a lot!!

When you hang it on the hook, you’ve got to take a second look!!

Save your kisses for Mom & Dad, that will make them really glad!!

Look above, look below. When it’s clean, you can go!!

Brush ’em once, brush ’em twice!! That will keep our floors so nice!!

Use a tissue when you sneeze!! Put it in the bucket please!!

Please push in your chair when you’re done sitting there!!

When something sad, or bad, happens to you, take time to think about what you should do!!

Up the stairs, down the slide; then you’ll have a safer ride!!

Why is this a rule at school?

As a community of little learners, we all feel the effects of each other’s behaviors and mannerisms. Our rules help us to feel safe and secure at school. We each play a part in maintaining a happy environment for all of our friends; big and little.